This is where it all began.  Building a rugged tool for the outdoors.  After two years of prototyping and testing many designs, feedback from use in the field (Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait) and backpacking (Hawaii, California, Alaska, Costa Rica, Colorado) created this.  A Medium/Large knife that is suitable for the majority of work a knife faces in the outdoors. 

The Field Knife

Key features: Blade has an ever so subtle recurve to aid in cutting cordage, no choil to snag netting, an exposed pommel for striking.  Full tang construction maximizes strength, and the handle is made with stabilized materials (burl, micarta, g10) and reinforced with 3 fastening points for longevity.  Blade can be had in either 3/32nd or 1/8th inch thick, blade length can be had in 4 to 5 inches.  Several choices of Stainless and Carbon steel available.  Leather or Kydex sheath available.